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How to be more regionalist in your region

The Philippines’ region system is a strange beast, to say the least.Its been the subject of multiple national and international debates.There are two main ways to approach it, the first is to make the whole country your own, and the second is to embrace regionalism.The second option is the more logical choice, but it involves […]

What is regionalism?

An introduction to regionalisation and regionalism.article An Introduction to Regionalisation is a feature of the ABC News Online product which presents you with a series of articles and videos, presenting some of the ideas and arguments used by regionalists in the debate on regionalism and regionalisation.It was first published in April 2018.What is regionalisation?The concept […]

How to beat the regionalism myth

5 of 10 Don’t confuse the term “regionalism” with “regions” article 1 of 5 Don’t misunderstand the term regionalism.It refers to the geographic region within which a country lives.For example, in the United States, cities such as Los Angeles and New York are considered to be regions, while in Brazil, cities in São Paulo, Rio […]

Why are some nations so rich and prosperous?

From a global perspective, there are a number of factors that can lead to this wealth and prosperity, and it all starts with the fact that nations around the world have different cultures.A nation like Egypt, for instance, has been a wealthy and stable country for centuries, and has maintained that status for the past […]

Mediterranean regions: new ideas and new faces

Introducing regionalism in the Mediterranean, as explored in this week’s edition of the Irish Times.It’s an intriguing idea, with the potential to revolutionise how people experience the region, its people and the challenges it faces.The term regionalism is used to describe how a region’s people and culture are perceived by others in the region.“There is […]

What you need to know about the Bicol region

Introduction The Bicol (Bolivia’s Amazon rainforest) has long been one of the most remote regions in the world.In the early 1900s, it was an area of only about a million people, but by the mid-20th century, the population had grown to some 3.5 million.Now, the region is the most heavily exploited and fragmented in Latin […]

The most beautiful place in the Philippines

Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia with its own national park, and it has many other wonders to admire.It is also home to the world’s oldest national park.A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park covers a whopping 2,827 square miles (9,500 square kilometers), and encompasses the entirety of the country’s archipelago.The country’s capital, […]

Which country are the top crypto-currency investors in?

This is an introduction to crypto-currencies and how they work.We’ve looked at their current status, and the currencies that are in their future.Here’s a quick overview of the top five countries in terms of crypto-economic status, with the countries listed next to each country listed below.This table shows the top 5 countries by market cap, […]

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