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Bicol region introduces ‘region’

Bicol regions are emerging as the most politically sensitive of the new regions, and they’re facing the most severe of challenges from the rest of the country.Here’s a look at the major challenges facing the region.1.How will the Bicol be managed?Bicols have traditionally been governed by a local government, but now there’s also a federal […]

The first generation of regionalism is now taking hold

By Tom Phelan, Sunday Politics | 03/03/18 01:05:24With the rise of regional identity, the focus of the new generation of leaders has shifted from the nation-state and its global context to the region.A series of high-profile leaders in the US, Australia and South Africa have highlighted the importance of regional identities in their countries’ development, […]

A new language for understanding the Middle East and Africa

The Middle East is a diverse place, and that means there are some regionalisms.While there are regionalisms that are not shared by every region in the world, some regional differences in language and cultural practices are evident.Here’s a look at some of them: Arabic is the primary language of the Middle Eastern region, and it’s […]

What is regionalism?

An introduction to regionalisation and regionalism.article An Introduction to Regionalisation is a feature of the ABC News Online product which presents you with a series of articles and videos, presenting some of the ideas and arguments used by regionalists in the debate on regionalism and regionalisation.It was first published in April 2018.What is regionalisation?The concept […]

Why are some nations so rich and prosperous?

From a global perspective, there are a number of factors that can lead to this wealth and prosperity, and it all starts with the fact that nations around the world have different cultures.A nation like Egypt, for instance, has been a wealthy and stable country for centuries, and has maintained that status for the past […]

When did Mediterranean regions become the new regional centres?

By ANNA SAVIALECICThis story first appeared in the German magazine, Der Spiegel.For the first time in decades, the Balkan peninsula of Serbia is becoming a regional centre.Serbia’s prime minister and president have been in the region for several months.The region is now considered a centre of Balkan integration, with a number of Balkans and Turks […]

When it comes to regional economics, Ireland is far from a region

There is an old saying, “If you can’t get it, don’t try it.”In an era when most people in the world do not think regional economies are the place to be, Irish regional economies still enjoy a very high degree of autonomy.That is partly because Ireland has a large population, but also because many of […]

Mediterranean regions: new ideas and new faces

Introducing regionalism in the Mediterranean, as explored in this week’s edition of the Irish Times.It’s an intriguing idea, with the potential to revolutionise how people experience the region, its people and the challenges it faces.The term regionalism is used to describe how a region’s people and culture are perceived by others in the region.“There is […]

What the world is thinking about a new way of thinking about the world, says the world’s new best friend

I have just returned from an event in the Savanna region of Tanzania.The theme of the evening was “the region’s future” and it was clear from the outset that this was not a conventional discussion.The people were friendly and engaging, and I felt a strong connection with the region.The conference was organised by the Regional […]

When you’re trying to build a better future for your region

In this episode of the podcast, host Matt Kowalski talks to economist Dan McAdams about the economic and social implications of region 6, which he describes as a “globalised” concept.The concept is one of the key drivers behind regional economies, and has attracted much attention as countries like the UK, the US and India have […]

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