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What you need to know about bicol region

Introducing the bicol, the region in South-East Asia that has emerged as one of the world’s most dynamic regions of origin for drugs and weapons.The new coronavirus has been sweeping through the region, causing the worst economic disruption in the history of the region.This is a region that has been hit hard by the drug […]

How to help farmers in the Bicol region

Bicol farmers in southern and central South West Queensland have been left frustrated after a proposed federal-state-wide regional agricultural subsidy scheme failed to pass through the Queensland Parliament last week.The Rural Development Minister and Rural Affairs Minister are also among those who opposed the scheme, with the Government seeking support from the Queensland Business Council.But […]

Which region is the capital of?

The most important question about a country’s economy is whether it is in the center or the periphery of a region.This is the key to deciding whether it will be able to compete globally in a global economy.Regionalization is not just about economic factors, it’s also about political and social factors.In fact, the United States […]

How does the Philippines ‘davaos region’ differ from the rest of the Philippines?

article The Philippines’ Davao region has emerged as a key region for regional development and economic integration, particularly in the fight against corruption, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported on Monday.But it’s been a struggle to keep it that way, with a series of political, social and cultural changes in recent years.The Davao Region, as it’s […]

How to understand regionally specific regional policies

By Alexei Dronovski, NBC NewsA new survey shows that nearly a third of Americans believe that local governments should control local water, air, and land.A similar share of respondents said local governments shouldn’t have any control over their own affairs.And nearly two-thirds of Americans also said local government should have more control over local education.The […]

China’s booming growth: Chinese economy ‘shifting the balance of power’

In an exclusive interview, Chinese economist Wang Guoqiang has outlined China’s new economic strategy and his vision for a more prosperous future for the country.Wang told NHL.com in an exclusive email interview that he is looking forward to the next five years as China begins a new era of growth and prosperity.He noted that a […]

When it comes to a new country: Where do you stand?

ESPN The decision to relocate the NBA to Los Angeles in 2019 was met with mixed reviews.While the move was hailed as a great idea and welcomed by the fans, the move left the league without its home in the nation’s most popular entertainment city.A year later, the league returned to its hometown of Los […]

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