U.S. president says it is time to take action against regionalism

The U.N. General Assembly voted Monday to declare the U.K. the most unequal region in the world, but President Donald Trump said the U,S.and other countries have been unfairly criticized for not doing more to fight inequality.Trump made the comments as he took the first steps toward a second term.He said it was time for […]

Davao City’s Davao metro is the safest metro in the country

The Davao Metro was the safest in the nation for the first time in 2017, according to an investigation conducted by local news site Rappler.com.The city’s subway system, which opened in February 2017, has been hailed as a game-changer for the economy.But the Metro’s safety record has been questioned since the government began issuing tickets […]

When the sea freezes: Antarctica’s frozen glaciers are the biggest surprise

Antarctic ice shelves have been retreating for decades, but researchers have discovered a surprising phenomenon in their wake.In the last century, researchers have observed the ice shelf’s thinning and the glaciers’ receding into the ocean.In an article in the journal Nature Climate Change, the researchers report that these phenomena were “a result of climate change.”Here’s […]

A new language for understanding the Middle East and Africa

The Middle East is a diverse place, and that means there are some regionalisms.While there are regionalisms that are not shared by every region in the world, some regional differences in language and cultural practices are evident.Here’s a look at some of them: Arabic is the primary language of the Middle Eastern region, and it’s […]

How to be more regionalist in your region

The Philippines’ region system is a strange beast, to say the least.Its been the subject of multiple national and international debates.There are two main ways to approach it, the first is to make the whole country your own, and the second is to embrace regionalism.The second option is the more logical choice, but it involves […]

What is regionalism?

An introduction to regionalisation and regionalism.article An Introduction to Regionalisation is a feature of the ABC News Online product which presents you with a series of articles and videos, presenting some of the ideas and arguments used by regionalists in the debate on regionalism and regionalisation.It was first published in April 2018.What is regionalisation?The concept […]

Trump says he’s ‘very proud’ of Syria, Syria to resume diplomatic relations

The White House says President Donald Trump is “very proud” of the “historic” deal between Iran and six other countries, saying the countries will resume talks to discuss their shared interests in Syria.The move comes after months of discord in the Middle East over the future of Syria.Trump spoke at a White House ceremony to […]

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