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When Regions Are Not Enough: What Can You Expect from Nintendo’s Wii U title

Nintendo’s latest console is poised to take on the Wii U as the company prepares to release its next major hardware release, but the company has yet to officially confirm any major games will be available on the system.While the company hasn’t officially said anything, Nintendo’s E3 press conference has been peppered with news and […]

Which is better: A national referendum or a national referendum on a single national language

The EU referendum has brought back the specter of nationalism and nationalism-driven immigration.The French referendum was held on the day the US declared the world war on terrorism and on the anniversary of the end of the Cold War.The Spanish referendum was in October, when Spain voted for independence from Portugal.The UK referendum in June […]

Why are the Bicol region’s top schools struggling?

Posted November 11, 2018 12:25:50 The Bicol Region is facing a shortage of teachers, a shortage in primary and secondary education, and a looming shortage of healthcare.Key points:The region has a large population of mostly ethnic Tainanese, but the government says it has also been hit by a shortage and is struggling to fill jobsThe […]

How to use a dictionary

English dictionary definitions of regionalist, regionalist ideology are broad and sometimes contradictory.The first of these definitions states that the idea of regionalisms is “an effort by an elite or elite groups of people to promote themselves and their political ideology as superior to that of their non-elite and non-ethnic ethnic counterparts.”The second definition states that […]

Regional economics: why we need to think about it, the theory behind the idea, and why it matters

This article introduces regionalism as an idea that can be used to explain the economics of regions and the way they interact with each other. There are several ways regionalism is being used in economics, and the basic idea is that countries should focus on local economic growth and prosperity and try to maximize their export […]

The Davao Region is officially a region

A new region has been officially established in the Philippines: the Davao Region.The country’s newest region was formally established on Tuesday by President Rodrigo Duterte as part of a regional plan.The Davao region covers more than 11,000 square kilometers of the country’s northeast, including the capital, Quezon City.The region is officially known as the Region […]

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