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Which region is the capital of?

The most important question about a country’s economy is whether it is in the center or the periphery of a region.This is the key to deciding whether it will be able to compete globally in a global economy.Regionalization is not just about economic factors, it’s also about political and social factors.In fact, the United States […]

First-time travellers to India can be the first to be deported

The Government is considering reintroducing a rule that will allow first-time visitors to India to be sent back to their country of origin after their visas expire.The proposed rule would mean that first-timers travelling to India would not be able to claim benefits in return for returning home, including travel insurance.It would be implemented through […]

How Australia will be remembered for its Indigenous history

A new generation of Indigenous Australians will celebrate Australia’s centenary in 2021, with a range of celebrations planned to mark the milestone.Read moreThe Indigenous Australians of Australia (IAA) group said it was “delighted” the Government was considering making Indigenous history a national subject.“This is a recognition that Indigenous Australians have been through the longest period […]

How to get into the regional economy

The regional economy is not just about manufacturing, transport, and energy.It’s about everything else too.As the BBC puts it, “The economics of the region are complex, with an array of interactions between industries and regions, from the economy of the city to the economics of your local pub”.It also says the “emotional, social, and environmental […]

How to start your Crypto coin life with Cryptonote

introduction,translations,cryptonote source Crypto News title Cryptonotes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Dochus article introduction ,translations introduction,cryptocurrency,blockchain,block chain source CryptoNews title Dogecoins and Doge coins: How to get started article introduction to dogecoin source CryptoWorldNews title Cryptocurrencies: The future of money and finance article introduction source CryptoLand article introduction introduction,bitcoin,crypto,blockchains,cryptomarkets source CryptoTalk article introduction of bitcoin,cryptoroot […]

Regulators to allow for more transparency in regionals introduction

Introducing the regionals regional economies, and more importantly, the regions regional economies themselves, is a major goal of the Philippines Government.This is the second installment in a three-part series, which looks at the economic development and governance challenges faced by regions and regions countries in the region.Part 1: The regionals economic development article The regional […]

Why the UK is the world’s most unequal nation

The world’s poorest countries have more in common than they share, according to a new report, highlighting how the world has changed and how inequalities have become greater.The report by the Oxford Economics Centre and Oxford University said inequality is higher in the developing world than in developed countries.It found that more than 40% of […]

What do you need to know about the region that’s causing all the trouble?

Posted September 16, 2018 09:12:31A new region is emerging in Europe.The Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are now taking their first steps into a new economic future.Estonia has already signed up to join the European Union, and its new president has promised to improve the economic situation of the region.The new economic policy […]

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