What to know about the region of the world

BRUSSELS (AP) — Europe’s top economy is the region with the most regions.

Europe’s five largest economies are in the eurozone, with Spain and Portugal having the biggest economies and Britain and Germany the smallest.

But the region in question is not Germany.

The region of Western Europe, which includes Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, is Europe’s fifth largest economy, with its economy making up about 7 percent of the EU’s total.

The region has been growing steadily over the last decade and is projected to grow at a healthy rate of 3 percent a year through 2025, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF projects it will be the third largest economy by 2030.

It’s not surprising that Germany, with a population of about 5.6 million, has the most prosperous regions in Europe.

The economy there has been enjoying its best growth rate since the mid-1990s.

Germany is now Europe’s largest economy.

The five largest European economies account for about one-fifth of the European Union’s GDP.

But they account for only about one in five jobs in the region.

That compares with one in 10 jobs in China.

It is a sign of how rapidly economic growth is accelerating in the regions, which have been struggling with a low level of government investment and a lack of investment opportunities for the local population.

The regional economy is growing faster than the EU.

The European Commission estimates that the region will grow at 3.7 percent a month by 2020.

The EU is aiming to double that rate by 2030 and the 2020s.

In the 2020 census, about 80 percent of people living in the five EU regions said they would prefer to live in Germany or Italy.

The economic slowdown has been uneven.

Some regions are benefiting from the economic rebound in other parts of the continent.

In France, Germany and Italy, the economy is expected to grow faster than in other European countries, including the United States, Canada and Australia.

In Spain, which has been the biggest loser from the global financial crisis, growth is expected at 3 percent.

Germany, which was once the world’s third-largest economy, is now the fourth-largest, with GDP of about $5.7 trillion.

That means the region is expected get an average annual economic growth rate of 2.8 percent over the next five years.

The average for Europe is 2.3 percent.

In the past two years, the region’s growth rate has been higher than Europe’s.

In 2020, GDP grew by 3.6 percent, with the region contributing a third of that to the overall increase.

In 2025, the GDP of the region was projected to rise to about 4.1 percent, a more than 25 percent jump.

In 2030, the figure is expected grow to 4.5 percent.

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