How to make the best of your first weekend as a new migrant

The Philippines has become the second country to launch a nationwide scheme to deal with the arrival of migrants, as the government has set a target to provide up to 60,000 migrants a week to assist in their return to their home country.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s new plan will involve the creation of a migrant rehabilitation centre and training for police, customs officers, immigration officials, social workers, and the national health service.

The centre will be based in Camp Crame, near the northern city of Quezon City.

It is expected to open by the end of the year.

The Philippines was the first country to introduce a scheme in 2016, and it has already been extended for two years to allow for the resettlement of up to 100,000 people from the country’s southernmost island.

More than 4.3 million migrants have arrived in the country in the last 10 years, according to the Philippine Department of Immigration and Customs (DICIC).

The country’s economy has suffered badly since the crisis in 2016. 

Duterte is yet to announce the details of his plan, but he has said it will cover up to 10,000 migrant arrivals in a single month, with the government providing the funds.

He has promised to ensure that migrants receive adequate medical care, education and vocational training, and to help them return to the Philippines, where they would not have to leave behind relatives and relatives’ children.

Duterte’s first target is the creation a centre for migrant rehabilitation.

“There is a need for a centre that is a rehabilitation centre for migrants to be established in the Philippines,” the president said in an address to the nation on Tuesday.

The centre will provide the migrants with medical care and education and will facilitate their return, he added.

The President also said that authorities would be given “necessary resources” to help the migrants return to home countries.

The Philippine government has also promised to pay for the training and rehabilitation of police, Customs officers, Immigration officials, Social workers, doctors and nurses.

The President has also said he would establish a special police force to ensure the protection of the public from criminals and other threats, including those coming from overseas.

In February, Duterte said he had the authority to declare a state of emergency and suspend the rights of citizens and residents in the southern Philippines, citing the threat of foreign-backed insurgents.

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