When the sea freezes: Antarctica’s frozen glaciers are the biggest surprise

Antarctic ice shelves have been retreating for decades, but researchers have discovered a surprising phenomenon in their wake.

In the last century, researchers have observed the ice shelf’s thinning and the glaciers’ receding into the ocean.

In an article in the journal Nature Climate Change, the researchers report that these phenomena were “a result of climate change.”

Here’s what they found.

When Antarctica is cold and the land below it is ice, the sea ice is pushed out, melting.

In contrast, when Antarctica is warm and the ice above it is floating, the ice is pulled back into the ice sheet and the surrounding sea ice recedes.

When the land is ice-covered, the water above it does not melt as much as the land above.

This is what happens when ice shelves rise.

This makes it possible for the land to float, which is why ice-cap loss is one of the primary drivers of the continent’s rapid decline.

The researchers say that this phenomenon is caused by climate change, but it has also been observed in other places around the world.

Here’s a look at how ice shelves, and ice, work.

Ice shelves are an integral part of Antarctica’s ice sheet.

These ice shelves hold a huge amount of ice from Antarctica’s glaciers.

As glaciers melt, they lose mass, so their edges get thicker, making them less able to hold back the rising sea ice.

When ice shelves are thin, they also lose mass.

In this image, scientists can see the thin ice shelves along the eastern Antarctic Peninsula in 2017.

The thin ice shelf along the east Antarctic Peninsula is one reason for the rapid decline of the Antarctic Peninsula, according to a new study.

In some areas, the thinning of the ice shelves can be more dramatic than the melting of the land.

This image shows the western Antarctic Peninsula and the Southern Ocean.

In 2016, researchers reported that Antarctica’s thin ice sheet had retreated from nearly 4 million square kilometers (2.6 million square miles) to less than 700,000 square kilometers by the end of the century.

This means that in some places, ice shelves may have retreated so much that they were literally “slipping away” from the land in the process.

It also means that the land may not be able to absorb the ice, as it would if it were a solid mass.

The Antarctic Peninsula sits between the southern and eastern parts of Antarctica.

Its thin ice layer is one the reasons for the extreme ice cover.

The scientists found that the thin areas are much thinner than the land’s, which means they have less ice to carry.

This also means they are much more vulnerable to oceanic heat, which leads to a cooling of the Earth’s surface.

This would be one reason why ice shelves could disappear completely if temperatures continue to rise.

Researchers believe that if the world continues to warm at its current pace, Antarctica’s land ice will eventually become too thin to support an iceberg or a glacier that would be as big as New York City.

The loss of Antarctica and other ice shelves would lead to a sea level rise of as much at least 3 meters (13 feet) by 2100, which would increase sea level by about 15 centimeters (9 inches) globally.

It would also be a major contributor to sea level rises across much of the southern hemisphere.

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