A new language for understanding the Middle East and Africa

The Middle East is a diverse place, and that means there are some regionalisms.

While there are regionalisms that are not shared by every region in the world, some regional differences in language and cultural practices are evident.

Here’s a look at some of them: Arabic is the primary language of the Middle Eastern region, and it’s often used as the lingua franca of many nations.

Arabic is also the official language of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates.

In fact, Arabic is used to describe everything from the size of a city to the number of mosques in an area.

This is a region where many cultures have a common history and a common language.

It’s the birthplace of the ancient Egyptians, whose language is spoken in many parts of the region.

There are two main regionalisms in the Middle-East: the Ottoman Empire and the Arab world.

Ottoman Arabic was the language spoken in the Ottoman empire from 1492 until 1915, when the Ottomans split up and the new Turkish Empire formed.

The language was largely forgotten in the ensuing decades, but its roots are still apparent today.

Arabic was one of the first languages spoken in Iraq after the US occupation, but it was largely abandoned during the decades of the US and UK occupation.

Modern day Arabic is still spoken in Syria, the former Ottoman Empire’s capital, and also in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and other countries.

Modern Arab Arabic is spoken by the Arab majority of the population in Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

The region is home to the majority of Muslims in the Arab World, with around 40% of the world’s Muslims.

The Arabic spoken in this region is a dialect of the Aramaic language spoken by Jews and Christians, as well as by Muslims who practice Islam in the diaspora.

The name of the language, Arabic, means “the language of God,” and the word “Arab” means “Arabic language.”

The Arabic language is used by Arabs to communicate with the outside world, and has been the language of instruction for schools since the 9th century.

The modern word “language” is derived from the Latin word “lumen,” meaning light.

While the Arabic language may not be the most spoken language in the region, its use as a primary language is not a new thing.

Arabic speakers have used it for centuries.

Before the French conquest of Egypt in 1392, there were more than 10,000 Arabs in Egypt.

In the 14th century, the Arabs used Arabic to communicate.

This led to the use of Arabic as the language for religious and political communication, and as a common sign language.

Today, Arabic has become a dominant language in many of the countries in the Muslim world.

However, Arabic’s dominance is not universal, and there are countries in which Arabic is not spoken, or where Arabic is only spoken by a small number of people.

Here are the languages spoken by more than 100 countries around the world: Arabic The language of Islam is the language used to teach Arabic to children in Muslim countries.

Arabic has a rich literary tradition and is considered to be one of Islam’s earliest and most important writings.

It was the first written language in Islam, and is the first and last written language to have survived the destruction of the last known written language.

The earliest copies of the Koran, the holy book of Islam, were written in Arabic.

Today the Arabic-speaking world includes Arabic-speakers in the UAE, Jordan and Saudi Kingdom.

Arabic and the Quran The Quran is the holy scripture of Islam.

The Quran was revealed in 632 by the prophet Muhammad to the prophet Abraham and his sons.

It is considered the most important work of the prophet.

Arabic became the language that Muslims use to write their holy books.

Arabic also is used as a way to communicate religious texts.

It has been used to write the Koran and other religious texts in various languages, as a method of transmitting messages across borders.

It became the basis of the modern world’s first mass communication technology, radio, which was invented in the 1930s.

Arabic as a Common Language The Arabic-Speaking World is a Multiethnic Region The Middle-Eastern region is made up of four principal linguistic groups: the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf countries, the Levant, and Central Asia.

In some ways, Arabic-Arabic is the most common language in each of these groups.

However: There are a number of linguistic minorities that are spoken only in the Arabian and Gulf regions, such as the Armenian and Assyrian peoples, the Assyrians in the Levant and Central Asian countries, and a number in the Caucasus.

Arabic-Armenian speakers in Armenia have been speaking Arabic since the 19th century as a medium of communication.

Assyrian speakers in Iraq are still learning Arabic, as are members of the Assyrian community in Iran.

In Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani speakers are still speaking Arabic, but not

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