Why are some nations so rich and prosperous?

From a global perspective, there are a number of factors that can lead to this wealth and prosperity, and it all starts with the fact that nations around the world have different cultures.

A nation like Egypt, for instance, has been a wealthy and stable country for centuries, and has maintained that status for the past 100 years.

However, for most of that time, the wealth and stability was not shared equally across the country, with Egypt’s rulers taking a more autocratic approach, and relying more heavily on the military to maintain the stability.

In the case of the Ottoman Empire, the country that began as a trading hub for the Ottoman Sultanate, the Ottoman government ruled with an iron fist, and ruled over a vast area of the Muslim world, from the Caucasus to India.

However as the Ottoman empire expanded, the power of the state shifted, and the Ottoman dynasty began to fall apart.

At the same time, in the Middle East, the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forced the government of the Assad regime to make a serious adjustment, and eventually, the Syrian regime was overthrown by the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), which had been created by Western-backed opposition groups.

Since then, the region has become a hotbed for conflict, and today, the countries of the Middle Eastern region are divided into two distinct countries, with the Syrian-government-held north and the rebel-held south.

For most of the world, these two regions have been extremely stable and prosperous, and there has been little in the way of external interference to prevent the two countries from falling apart.

However for some countries, like Turkey, it has been more difficult for them to achieve the stability and prosperity that they have.

Since the 1980s, Turkey has been ruled by the Justice and Development Party (AKP), which has ruled the country for nearly two decades.

The AKP has become one of the most popular political parties in the country in recent years, and is known for its support for a range of Islamist policies.

These include banning the wearing of the burqa and banning the Kurdish language, which has led to tensions between the two communities in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

This has led Turkey to be the most militarized country in the region, and a growing number of Turkish citizens are increasingly willing to take on foreign mercenaries and fight for the government.

As the Turkish government has increasingly militarized the country and has started to deploy ground troops in northern Iraq, tensions between these two communities have increased, and Turkey is now facing a potential civil war.

This is not the only reason why Turkey has faced the crisis that it has, but it is one of many.

The current crisis in the Turkish-Syrian conflict has caused an increasing number of countries to question their position in the global order.

It has led some countries to leave the EU and form their own nations, like the United States and Israel, or it has seen countries like the UK, France, and Italy move to form a common defense policy.

It also has led the UK to pull out of the European Union, a move that has caused much to worry about the future of the United Kingdom, as Britain is seen as the country of free trade and a global power.

In an article for the Atlantic Council, former US National Security Adviser, Paul Wolfowitz, argues that the current situation in the Syrian conflict is one that has the potential to cause a civil war between the US and Turkey.

Wolfowitz argued that “the crisis in Syria will, as the world is increasingly aware, be the catalyst for a second Cold War, with Moscow and Beijing seeking to exploit the chaos and the instability in the area to their advantage.

The outcome of this second war will likely be more dangerous for Europe and the West than it would have been for either of them.”

Wolfowitz is not alone in his assessment of the threat of civil war, as others have also pointed to the increasing instability in Iraq and the growing militarization of Turkey, as well as concerns over the growing influence of Iran and Russia in the world.

Turkey has historically been the home to many of the great empires in history, and its strong ties to the Muslim countries of Europe have been a major reason for the stability of the region for hundreds of years.

The Turkish government does not view the Kurdish population in the north of Iraq as an ethnic group, and they believe that the Kurdish people are the rightful owners of the land and region.

Turkey considers the Kurds to be an ethnic minority and believes that their rights and rights as a people must be respected.

However the Kurdish community in the northern part of the country has long resisted the Turkish governments attempts to forcibly convert them to Islam.

The Kurds believe that they are being forcibly displaced from their lands by Turkish authorities, and are therefore opposed to the conversion of the Kurds.

The government has also made it clear that they do

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