Which regionalisms are the real deal?

The Lad bible is an online bible that is distributed by the Lad tribe.

The Lad tribe has a long history of proselytizing in the South American countrys South American regions, and its members believe that their languages are indigenous to South America.

In recent years, the Lad language has become an official language of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Paraguaya, Argentina and Bolivia.

In the 1990s, Brazil began requiring Lad speakers to wear a bracelet on their right wrist to prove their origin, and many Lad speakers now live in Brazil.

Lad speakers in Bolivia also speak Lad.

The indigenous language of Argentina and Uruguay, however, is known as Esperanto.

Esperanto is also spoken by some indigenous people in Chile, and Esperanto has been taught in classrooms at some universities.

Esperantists and Esperantist supporters believe that Esperanto originated in Italy.

Esperants, or Esperantistas, live in Italy and speak Italian.

In Peru, Esperanto was first spoken in the Amazon basin in the mid-19th century and has since spread to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay.

In Argentina, the country with the most Lad speakers, the language was spoken for centuries before being officially adopted by the state in 2000.

Esperanist, or linguists, believe that Lad originated in the Americas before it was formally adopted by Argentina.

Their belief is supported by a number of linguists who have researched Lad and its history.

In 2017, the Argentine government approved the construction of a new language school to teach Lad in schools across the country.

The new school, the “Lad Academia” in Buenos Aires, will focus on teaching Lad as a second language, a concept supported by linguists in Argentina.

The language school is expected to open in 2021.

The Argentine government has also proposed that Esperantismo, or a language school in Argentina, be created for Lad speakers.

According to the Argentine language school, Esperantism is a variant of the indigenous language spoken by Lad speakers and their descendants in the Lad region of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina.

According the Esperanto dictionary, Esperante is the second most common language of the Lad culture.

In Bolivia, Esperanists believe that the language came from Latin, which means “old Latin.”

Esperanto also is known for being spoken by indigenous people.

A large group of Lad speakers living in Peru have established the Esperantista Esperanto Community, which has been able to educate Lad speakers on various topics in Esperanto and their indigenous languages.

The community also provides Lad speakers with Esperanto dictionaries and books, such as the Esperanta Esperanto Grammar, a dictionary of the language that was first published in 2006.

Esperanta is considered by some Lad speakers as a sign of their ancestral connection to the land.

The Latin-speaking Lad tribe in South America is also known for its language, which is also called “Lada” or “Lado,” in the native languages of many of its tribes.

Many Lad speakers also use Lad as their first language in many countries in South and Central America.

Lad, also known as “lám”, is also the name of a mythical kingdom that existed in ancient times in the Middle East.

The region where Lad originated was called the “Land of Lám,” which is the source of many stories in the ancient Bible.

Lad has become a popular religion in South American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay and has been practiced in many indigenous communities.

Esperante and Lad are two distinct languages that have a lot in common.

Esperance is the first language of many indigenous languages, while Lad is the official language in Argentina and Chile.

Esperano is the most common indigenous language in the region.

Lad is spoken by a very large group in Bolivia, which have spoken it for generations.

The number of Lad and Esperanista Esperantiston communities in Argentina is more than 80,000, and there are around 6,500 Lad and 6,000 Esperanto Esperantinists living in Argentina today.

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