Which is better: A national referendum or a national referendum on a single national language

The EU referendum has brought back the specter of nationalism and nationalism-driven immigration.

The French referendum was held on the day the US declared the world war on terrorism and on the anniversary of the end of the Cold War.

The Spanish referendum was in October, when Spain voted for independence from Portugal.

The UK referendum in June 2017, when the British left the EU, brought the issue of Brexit to the fore.

But the issue has never been raised in a referendum on the EU before.

The issue has been a hot topic since the EU-Turkey agreement of 1974.

In the referendum, voters in France, Spain and the Netherlands were asked whether they would want to change the status quo of the EU by changing the way it operates.

The question has been framed by critics as an attempt to push the country’s “European dream” into the public square.

The answer to that question was a resounding yes, according to an opinion poll published on Sunday by Le Monde newspaper.

In Spain, the opposition is calling for the referendum to be postponed to allow for the “solution of the question”.

“We must stop the hysteria,” said the Socialist party (PSOE), which was leading in the polls and which has vowed to hold a second referendum on whether to stay in the EU or leave it.

The PSOE also wants to ask voters in Portugal, which is in the midst of an economic crisis, whether they want to return to the eurozone and allow for further reforms.

In Italy, the governing party, the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), has been campaigning for a referendum, which would ask voters if they want “the return of the ‘Spanish dream’.” The Socialists have also been campaigning in the region.

“The answer to the question of EU membership must be a national vote, with the EU as a third country,” said Andrea Zagaro, a party leader from Sicily.

In a statement on Sunday, the European Commission said it would be “inappropriate to wait” for a “satisfactory outcome” of the referendum.

But it said it was committed to working “firmly with the countries involved” to implement the agreement.

The EU is divided into 28 member states and each of those is responsible for its own internal affairs.

The agreement between Turkey and the EU allows for the relocation of 500,000 EU citizens living in Turkey, while the EU also provides Ankara with financial aid to help it cope with the fallout from the Syrian war.

The deal is also expected to help Greece cope with its financial crisis.

The Commission has said it has asked Ankara to take “appropriate measures” to prevent further disruption of the process of EU-Turkish relations.

On the other side, Spain’s Socialists say that the EU should be held accountable for the consequences of its decision to impose a financial burden on Spain.

The governing party in Spain, Podemos, is calling on the Spanish government to resign, saying that the referendum will only bring more problems.

The parties are expected to launch a political programme in the coming days.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to discuss the issue with her counterparts from other EU countries on Monday.

“I don’t think there are any grounds to postpone the referendum,” she is expected.

Germany’s interior minister has said that the country will hold a referendum by 2020.

In Austria, the Social Democrats and their Bavarian allies have called for a nationwide referendum on EU membership.

The vote is scheduled for June 20.

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