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Saudi Arabia is not only a religious state, it is also a political one.

But it is not a very good one.

For more than a decade, the country has struggled to maintain the stability that it has achieved under its current king, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and his predecessor, Crown Princess Rania.

In doing so, Saudi Arabia has become increasingly authoritarian, even by Saudi standards.

For decades, it has sought to limit the freedoms and freedoms of its citizens, especially in the kingdom’s semi-autonomous areas of the Eastern Province and the Eastern Desert.

These areas, which are largely populated by the minority Alawite sect, are governed by a system of laws, known as sharia, that sets the rules of the game for how society is governed.

In many ways, the rules are similar to the United States.

The United States has a Constitution and a government that enforces them.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, however, has none.

The king’s role is to enforce laws and regulations and to make sure that the country is run in a manner consistent with his religious and political views.

The kingdom also has a judicial system that enacts laws and is empowered to determine the punishments for people who violate them.

These rules are enforced by the military.

It is a system that is designed to protect its own political interests, including its own people.

It has the capability of punishing a person for any crime committed against them.

But the Saudi government has been accused of using this power for political ends, including the use of torture.

As a result, thousands of people have been killed by the Saudi security forces in recent years, including dozens of people in the Eastern province.

The royal family has also used its royal status to justify the execution of many individuals who were convicted of political offenses and sentenced to death.

The government has also been accused by human rights groups of targeting political activists and journalists.

In December 2017, Saudi authorities executed a prominent journalist and activist, Abdulrahman Al-Mabhouh, in absentia.

This case has sparked widespread condemnation from human rights organizations and many prominent human rights defenders.

In recent years Saudi Arabia also has also prosecuted human rights activists and lawyers.

In 2018, the Saudi royal court sentenced more than 70 people to death, including several members of a prominent opposition group.

The charges were related to the 2016 uprising that toppled the government of King Salman and ended nearly a decade of Saudi rule.

The Saudi government denies any involvement in the killing of the protesters, and some observers have accused the government and its intelligence agencies of deliberately targeting human rights and civil society organizations.

In the Eastern desert, the kingdom has been struggling to maintain a stable political environment that is free of violent and abusive elements.

However, it also faces significant challenges.

The Eastern Province has become a hotbed for radicalism, especially among young people.

For many years, there have been numerous violent incidents between the government forces and opposition groups.

The authorities have responded to the violence with harsh measures, including arrest and torture of members of these groups.

For instance, in 2018, Saudi officials carried out mass arrests in the areas of Jeddah and Dammam, which were home to many of the young protesters who were protesting against the government.

In June 2019, a young woman from the Eastern region was arrested in Dammama, and in November 2019, the Interior Ministry arrested the wife of a senior member of the ruling Al Saud party in the city of Jiddah.

The Interior Ministry also carried out large-scale arrests and detentions of members and supporters of the opposition group the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood in the cities of Dammah and Qatif, including many members of the organization’s political wing.

The repression against the Muslim Brotherhood was unprecedented in Saudi Arabia.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic political party with strong ties to the Muslim world and is known for its support for radical Islamist groups, including ISIS.

The Brotherhood has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates, a U.S. ally and a key U.N. member.

In addition, the Brotherhood has carried out attacks on the kingdom and abroad.

In May 2019, four young men, two of them students at the university, were arrested for plotting attacks against the Saudi regime and its government.

On April 1, 2020, a group of young men were arrested in the eastern city of Damma, after they attempted to enter the U.K. Embassy in Amman, Jordan, to visit the family of the late Sheikh Osama bin Laden, the founder of Al Qaeda.

In October 2018, four people were arrested during an attempted terrorist attack on the Saudi embassy in Ammen, including a member of Al-Qaeda.

The attempted attack killed two security guards and injured three others.

The attackers had planned to target the embassy with a car bomb.

The plotters were arrested before they could detonate the bomb.

On March 24, 2019, an attack on a military convoy in the capital, Riyadh, killed more than 50

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