How to avoid the ‘Cultural Catch-22’ when it comes to Mediterranean region countries

A new report by the Australian Institute of Geosciences (AIGS) has found that the Mediterranean region is at the epicentre of the world’s changing climate.

Key points:AIGs new report warns that while the climate is changing, we are losing the ability to adapt to itThe report says many nations are ‘not even trying’ to adaptThe study also warns that as the region’s population increases, the climate can become ‘more unpredictable’Climate change is altering how the world looks at itself and the future of its people, and that’s putting more stress on regions where the sea level is rising and coastal areas are being inundated.

In its new report, published in The Lancet medical journal, the Australian Centre for Environment and Climate Change (ACEC) found that while some nations are trying to adapt, others are “not even attempting” to adapt.

“We’ve been seeing a steady increase in climate-related morbidity and mortality over the past century, and this is leading to an overreliance on COVID-19 vaccine in some countries,” said Dr Richard Boulton, director of the ACEC.

“It’s a situation that is potentially quite dire and it’s something that we don’t want to see any countries going backwards.”

But in some ways it’s a catch-22: the more that people have to take a hit for climate change, the more they’re going to have to go back to their comfort zones.

“The ACEC study is the first of its kind to assess the impact of climate change on regional climates.

It is based on a new dataset of air quality monitoring conducted over 1,200 sites from across the Mediterranean basin and analysed over a 20-year period.

The study’s authors also say that many nations that have developed their own climate adaptation strategies have failed to follow suit, despite the fact that these efforts have saved lives.”

If you look at how many countries are already in a climate adaptation strategy and are only trying to implement it in the short term, then that’s not necessarily the best approach,” Dr Boulwood said.”

What we have found is that we’re really seeing the slowest uptake of climate adaptation and adaptation measures across the region, and we’ve seen the most rapid uptake of mitigation measures and mitigation measures, which we think reflects the climate-driven changes in our region.

“Dr Boulon said the findings highlight the need for countries to put their climate-change adaptation plans into action.”

I think the biggest challenge in addressing the threat of climate-induced disease and deaths is that it is not really getting across to the majority of the population that we need to be thinking about,” he said.

Dr Balthon said there was an “underlying trend of governments not investing in climate change adaptation, in part because of the political risk involved in taking action that would reduce their overall economic performance and increase the risk of a public health crisis.””

There is a lot of inertia around that, so there is a very low threshold for when a country can go forward on climate change,” he added.

The report was released ahead of the G20 summit in Brisbane.

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