How to use a dictionary

English dictionary definitions of regionalist, regionalist ideology are broad and sometimes contradictory.

The first of these definitions states that the idea of regionalisms is “an effort by an elite or elite groups of people to promote themselves and their political ideology as superior to that of their non-elite and non-ethnic ethnic counterparts.”

The second definition states that regionalism is “the political ideology that is promoted by elites or elite-friendly groups.”

The first definition of regionalists is a broad one, but the second one is quite specific, describing the movement as “a movement that aims to bring a new and distinct regional identity to an existing national identity.”

The second definition of regions is a bit more specific, however.

It states that regions are “groups or organizations that operate to maintain, protect, or maintain their status within a geographic area by maintaining, protecting, or maintaining an ethnic or racial identity within that area.”

These groups or organizations, it says, “represent or represent the national group or ethnic or race group in the local community, as well as to some extent, the broader population.”

The first definition makes the distinction between a regionalist movement and a nationalist movement.

A nationalist is one that “is opposed to, or is perceived as hostile to, the interests of an ethnic, racial, or other group.”

Regionalist groups are often seen as nationalist, but they’re often more like groups that advocate for a particular ethnic or national identity.

Nationalism, the second definition, is defined as “an ideology that emphasizes a group or group of people’s identity, history, culture, or ethnicity in opposition to that group or a group of other groups or groups.”

Nationalism, then, is the idea that “a particular group or race, ethnic or other, is inferior to others, and should be treated as inferior.”

The definitions of the two definitions of regions are somewhat contradictory, however, and both are vague about who should be considered a region or who should not be.

What should be done about these ambiguities?

One option for trying to clarify the definitions of these two definitions is to have a national referendum.

A referendum would be an opportunity for the people of a certain country to vote on whether or not they want their region to be considered part of the United States.

The question on the ballot would have to include the following two questions: “Should the U.S. be a nation?” and “Should all the citizens of the U,S.A. be citizens of a nation or not?”

This would be a national vote, but since the definition of the phrase “nation” and “all the citizens” are vague, it’s not clear what the results would be.

The American Constitution states that “the powers not delegated to the United Nations by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

If there are no states and the Constitution is amended to remove all such powers, then the country would be considered an independent country, but it’s unclear how this would be determined.

If the people decide to vote against the United Kingdom, it might be wise to vote for the United Nation to take over the U.,S.

flag, the United Arab Emirates, or the United Republic of Tanzania.

If, on the other hand, they decide to keep the British flag as their national flag, it would be wise for them to vote to remove the U,.

S. government from the country.

If the United People of the Republic of Georgia decide to stay with the United Britain, then they should also vote to keep it, and to remove that government from Georgia.

In some countries, the U-turn could be made by changing the language of the constitution.

In the U S.A., for example, the Constitution does not specifically say that the country must be an independent nation, but instead that it “shall not be, nor shall any state be, a member of the Union, nor be a party to, any war or insurrection.”

It could be argued that the language that the Constitution uses to define a nation should not apply to a country like the United states, where we do not have a Constitution.

In other countries, changing the Constitution to remove these powers would be problematic.

For example, in the Republic Republic of Korea, the Korean constitution states that it has “no intention to accept” the “consequences of its own actions” if it was to be divided into two countries, and “any attempt to do so would be against the principles of the Constitution.”

It might be more appropriate for the Republic to just say that it would accept the consequences of its actions and make it an independent state.

As for the definition itself, it seems to be a matter of opinion as to whether it’s an accurate definition of a region.

In some countries like the Republics of Australia and New Zealand, it is.

In others like France, it isn’t.

The answer might depend on

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