What the Portuguese FA says about the Champions League final

The Portuguese FA has reacted with fury after the governing body refused to rule out any possible tie-up between Lisbon and Barcelona in the Champions’ League final, despite the latter having secured a place at the final.

The Portuguese FA had insisted on Tuesday that the tie-off would be for a first-leg, but the governing Body later admitted the tie was not possible.

“The Portuguese Football Federation, after extensive discussion with the Portuguese and international federations, has decided to conclude the first leg of the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League at the Estádio da Luz,” it said in a statement.

“Following that, the next leg of that tournament will take place at a different stadium.

The decision was taken to provide the best possible scenario for both clubs.”

The governing body also stressed that a meeting was planned with the two clubs to discuss the possibility of the two sides playing a third leg in Lisbon.

“A preliminary meeting was scheduled with the clubs at the end of the week, and the negotiations will be held at the appropriate time,” it added.

“We are ready to take into account the suggestions of the clubs and the federations.”

“The negotiations will take into consideration all the relevant circumstances.

The clubs will continue to meet with the FA in a friendly manner, and we will have the full support of the Spanish Federation.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the governing bodies of both clubs said they would discuss the possible tie with the same level of urgency.

“As we have said previously, the Champions Championship final will be played in Lisbon, and a second leg will be scheduled at a stadium which we have been asked to play at,” said the statement.

“This will allow us to play the first match in the new stadium on Monday, November 23.”

The FA said the clubs were informed of the decision on Tuesday evening.

“For the second leg of this final, we have not received any confirmation from the Spanish Football Federation and we have therefore decided to continue to wait,” it read.

“We would like to thank all the clubs for their patience and cooperation.”

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