The Texas ranching town that won’t survive the drought

In an era of drought, drought’s coming again.

In an area where drought has not occurred for a century, Texas is facing another drought.

The drought has hit the Texas agricultural industry hard, and farmers are struggling with the loss of millions of dollars of revenue.

In the last month, the state’s agriculture commissioner has warned that drought could impact Texas farmers in the future.

The ranching community of Savanna Ranch is the subject of a series of documentaries that are set to air on The ABC’s 7.30 program.

It’s a community that has grown over the years.

In fact, it’s been called the “Ranch of the Future.”

It’s been a thriving ranching hub in the past.

But the area is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in the state.

It’s a dry, scorching year, and the last week of May was the driest on record in the western United States, according to the National Weather Service.

It was the second-druggiest week of the year.

Savanna’s drought was exacerbated by a prolonged drought.

In fact, according the USDA, Savanna has been dryer than most states in the contiguous United States for more than six months.

The number of severe weather warnings has increased by nearly 80 percent in the last year.

It has also been one of only two Texas counties in the country to experience no rainfall for two consecutive months.

A report published by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in August warned that the drought could lead to a drop in the U.S. food supply and the possible collapse of the agricultural sector.

The report said the state is facing “potentially catastrophic” water availability issues in the areas of agriculture and ranching.

That means drought could affect the agriculture sector, particularly the state of Texas, which depends heavily on livestock and livestock products.

Savannah is located in a rural region of the state, where about 60 percent of the population lives on less than $5 a day.

The area is about 15 miles from the state border with Texas.

Savannas cattle ranch, which employs about 5,000 people, has a gross receipts of $1 million.

According to the TCEQ, drought conditions could have devastating impacts on the region, particularly on the Savanna River.

The river’s banks are dry, but the tributaries are more than 100 percent covered with snow.

And the river is expected to run dry in the coming months.

It was in April that a major dam failure in the Savannah River caused a flash flood that inundated Savanna, destroying thousands of homes and businesses.

The dam was a critical piece of infrastructure that provides water for about 90 percent of Texas farms.

It had not been fully repaired by the time the TCAQ released its report, and it was estimated to cost $2.2 billion to repair.

The TCAO report also warned that water shortages could worsen in the next few months, due to the drought.

It is estimated that the state will face an emergency shortage of more than 15 million acre-feet of water by the end of June.

That’s enough to supply about one-third of the entire state of New Mexico, according an Associated Press story.

The Savanna region has seen a string of disasters in recent years.

Last year, about 5.5 million acres of land in the area were damaged by a series a mudslide, and more than 40 people died in the disaster.

In 2016, a dam broke, and a series the town of Savannans livestock ranch was forced to evacuate.

That event, and others like it, have caused the region to lose millions of cattle and millions of pounds of hay and other crops.

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Savanna’s economic downturn is also a factor that is causing many people to leave the region.

The unemployment rate is at 9 percent, according TCEE, which is one of Texas’ highest in the nation.

That is about three times the national average, according CNN.

A majority of Savanne residents are Hispanic, and some are Hispanic-American.

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