When it comes to climate change, South Africa’s Afrikaner elite are ready for an intervention

South Africa is one of the countries where the wealthy and well-connected can exploit natural resources to the fullest.

While the wealthy can exploit the natural resources, the vast majority of the country’s population lives in abject poverty, with an average income that is just 20% of the world average.

The average South African household income in 2017 was $17,903, and the majority of South Africans live in extreme poverty, according to the latest South African Poverty Indicators (SAPIs).

And while it is common for people to be employed and in the workforce, many in South Africa are struggling to find jobs, while others are simply unable to afford the food, housing and medical care that they need.

A country of 8 million, South African poverty is among the most severe in the world.

According to the World Bank, in 2016, South Africans made up 6.2% of global poverty.

However, South Afrikans have one of those rare opportunities to make a real difference.

In recent years, Afrikani-born businessman and former President Jacob Zuma has begun investing heavily in the nation’s economic development, with investments worth $10 billion ($8 billion in 2018), with an eye toward developing the economy.

Zuma has made investments in infrastructure, clean water and education, as well as in the countrys largest private-sector employer, Kwinana Group.

At the same time, he has been working to develop a climate change strategy that aims to combat the impacts of climate change.

South Africa’s economy is dependent on oil and gas.

Oil and gas revenues are critical to the economy, as the country has a large mineral resource base, and a rapidly growing mining sector.

So, it is not surprising that South Africans are excited about investing in their future.

“Our economy has been hit by a number of factors in the last few years,” Zuma told the BBC.

For instance, in the early 2020s, the country experienced the biggest economic downturn since the 1970s, with the global economy contracting by almost 30% between 2005 and 2018.

That has put the South African economy in a tough position.

Moreover, Zuma’s government has also had to deal with the devastating impacts of global warming.

It is predicted that temperatures will increase by more than 2 degrees Celsius in the next 100 years, which will lead to severe disruption to the South Africa climate.

As a result, the South Africans government has put a lot of effort into tackling the climate change issue.

Last year, Zampani signed the SouthAfrica Climate and Energy Partnership Agreement with other governments in the African continent, including in the United States, and is hoping to put more funds into this effort this year.

His government has been trying to encourage the private sector to participate in the development of South Africas renewable energy, while also providing financial incentives for the development and development of the local mining industry.

He has also introduced several climate-friendly energy efficiency and energy conservation measures in the past few years.

But, SouthAfrikaans public support is limited.

Currently, the average SouthAfrikan household income is $16,902, according the SAPI.

Many South Africans, however, feel that the government is doing too little to help them and they have begun to feel marginalized by the South Afrikaans government.

To combat that, Zamuza has launched the SouthAfrican Climate Alliance, which aims to raise awareness about the climate and energy issues, while helping to encourage South Afrikans to invest in their own development.

Although SouthAfriaans may not have the resources that the rich have, they have a very large number of well-educated, well-informed, educated and well connected people who are ready to invest their hard-earned money in the future.

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