How to buy tickets to Euro 2016 in Italy

1 / 8 This is the final day to buy European football tickets in Italy before the competition kicks off on Thursday.

It’s not a great time to be a fan.

It will cost €12,800, while the cheapest season ticket in Italy costs €10,200.

However, there are a few ways to get around the price tag.

The cheapest way is to buy in advance, and you can use this guide to find out more.

1 / 9 Book your tickets at one of Italy’s six ticket agencies.

The Ticketmaster is the cheapest of the three.

They also have a €12 discount for those who book in advance.

Booking tickets online means you can buy them before they go on sale.

1/10 Go to the ticket office and ask for the ticket you want.

Ask for the official name of the ticket agent and their contact details.

Ask them for the discount for buying in advance or get a letter from the local team asking for a refund.

2/10 Check the availability of the tickets you want and pay with cash, credit card or cardless payments.

Some of the cheaper ticket offices will accept only cash and credit cards, while others will accept card payments.

3/10 Pay in advance to reserve a ticket.

This is where you pay the ticket price before the day of the match and can save money on the price of the game.

Be sure to check the official website for details.

Tickets usually sell out before the match.

The official website offers a free day ticket for €19.

4/10 Buy the ticket online and buy it in advance for €8.

Get a letter in the mail telling you which club you’ll be playing with.

It should say the name of your home team and what the price is for the matchday ticket.

5/10 Use your credit card to pay the fee for the tickets.

The credit card you use to pay for the day tickets is the only one you need to get the refund from.

The other two are free.

The fee can be higher than the official price, but usually they are in the region of €5.

6/10 Return the ticket at the ticket offices to make sure it was issued.

You’ll get a refund for any unused ticket.

7/10 Wait in line for up to 45 minutes to buy the tickets, because it is the last day to get them.

The best way to get tickets is to walk in, and there are plenty of shops along the way.

8/10 Do not try to get in line when you’re not able to pay.

If you try to buy a ticket, the line will grow longer and you will have to wait in line.

9/10 Make sure you’re in good health to buy your tickets.

Some shops sell drinks or food, but they’re not usually worth buying.

10/10 Get the tickets at the venue.

Ticket sales are scheduled to start at 10.30am on Thursday, and most venues have pre-sale tickets available.

Be careful where you sit if you plan to sit in the first row, because there will be a line.

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